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LEARNING MUSIC Is it Possible Online?

Is it possible to learn music online?

Currently, this question is becoming more and more frequent, both by parents from the moment they notice that their children have a certain skill, talent or tendency towards music and therefore they want to enroll them in our Academy; as by some future students.

This question is also generally asked by people who may have never had the opportunity to take classes, of any kind, with the online methodology.

In the same way, it is done by those people who have had a bad experience in the past and find it difficult to open themselves to the new possibility of Distance Learning.

A real case

Below I will tell you the case of one of our piano students.

This is a 9-year-old girl who received online classes at her school and her mother did not want her to receive her music classes in this same modality. Their argument was the following: “due to pandemic issues, my daughter has had enough of this issue with school. In addition, the girl has Attention and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).”

However, fortunately he agreed to see a first online music class with discount, and to the surprise of both, they were completely fascinated. To date, it has been almost a year since the opportunity to learn music online. During this time we have seen excellent progress, both in his musical intelligence and in his emotional intelligence.

Distance Learning

Learn to play a musical instrument or sing, It is just one of the many opportunities that we can now find on the Internet, and that until recently seemed out of reach. 

Therefore, in our Vivace Musical Academy we focus on the distance modality. Thanks to we have our own platform where each student finds different resources to enjoy all the benefits of learn Music Online.


Likewise, we have a method which we have called the Vivace Method. This was created by our general director Rubén Echavarría, who is musician and also psychologist. Thus, he managed to merge the bases of music with the principles of learning psychology in an interesting and effective way, so that both children and adults enjoy while learning Music Online.

As all our courses are synchronous, that is, in real time, you have a young and experienced instructor at your disposal to accompany you by the hand in every step of your musical process. You can also answer your questions during each class, without having to try to decipher the answer in some impersonal and pre-recorded video. 

It is for this reason and much more that our Online Music students manage to advance without gaps in their learning.


  1. Given the current situation, we realize that Online Learning is the new trend in today's education, because More and more people are opening up to the possibility of increasing their skills and talents through connectivity, technology and digital resources. proven to accelerate learning.
  2. Learn a musical instrument stimulates and develops the capacity for voluntary attention, short and long term memory and reduces anxiety levels.
  3. Whether we like it or not, at a global level We find ourselves in an era where new generations are developing their multiple intelligences, thanks to new ways of assimilating new knowledge. and only those who adapt and are passionate about new musical models are standing out in their immediate environment.
  4. online education not easy to assimilate at first If we come from a traditional, face-to-face, academic and slow education, but when we give ourselves the opportunity to communicate through virtual classrooms you will discover that it is easier and more fun than you imagine.

We recommend you see the testimonials from other students to confirm that this is really the right place for you and Learn Music Online.

That is why we invite you to live the experience and see for yourself what our students have experienced.

The answer

To conclude and answer the question that led us to write this article, is that YEAH it's possible learn Music Online taking into account the above and the following two points:

  1. It is necessary to enroll in an academy with experience in distance learning and that has constant support to grow steadily in your musical process.
  1. Assume your responsibility in this learning process, since if you focus, do your best and practice constantly, you will be able to see an excellent result in a short period of time.

“If you are not willing to taker risks"You will never enjoy new experiences."

So don't hesitate anymore. We invite you to enjoy the exciting journey of learning Online Music from us.


If you do NOT have your instrument yet, you should know that nowadays you can get very cheap musical instruments online so that they arrive directly to the door of your house, you can buy it at a local store or Write to us to offer you some discounted alternatives.

Maybe you don't have time to travel to a traditional, boring music school, but instead you like to schedule your own schedules flexibly and according to your priorities.

Maybe you are afraid to pay for the internet due to bad experiences or lack of knowledge, but With us you have several easy and secure payment methods through which our clients in Colombia, the United States, Mexico, Sweden, Dubai, among other countries, are already making their payment.. In addition, 100% of your money will be returned during the first 14 days in case something goes wrong or due to dissatisfaction with the course, having a risk of 0% with us.

Maybe you are afraid to get involved in new online platforms and new trends in modern education, but Maybe you think you could try it if sensitive and responsible people take you by the hand during all stages of the process.Therefore, our team is available to answer all your questions and be attentive to all your needs.

BY: Rubén Echavarría (Psychologist and Trainer) and Alejandra Ordóñez (Physiotherapist and Educational Coach)

Watch this video and discover the 8 advantages of learning music online.

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Just as students enrolled in the Vivace Musical Academy have access to online music courses and exclusive digital resources, you can too.

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