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What our clients do before enrolling

If you have other questions, write to us to answer them

Our classes are 100% online and distance learning since we have students in different countries and continents who are very happy to save time and money on travel and who are learning music rapidly from the comfort of their home.

If you don't know music you can start from scratch with our basic courses. If you already have knowledge, you can start with our intermediate courses and if you want to perfect your musical technique with our advanced courses.

From your first online class you will meet your instructor, who will evaluate your skills to define what level you should start at (Musical initiation, Preparatory, Beginner, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced or Expert), what elements you should reinforce or what aspects you should continue to perfect in conceptual and technical terms.

Each course has a duration of 24 classes that begins counting from the day of your academic registration.

Each class lasts 1 hour and normally you receive one class per week, although the frequency can be intensified to 2 or 3 classes per week according to the needs and expectations of each student. For pedagogy and so that the capacity is installed, it is not recommended to take less than one class per week.

No, our classes are personalized. The student takes his class only with his instructor within one of our virtual classrooms.

We have extensive and flexible schedules that adapt to your schedule. If you cannot attend your scheduled class, you must cancel it 3 hours before to have the right to make it up and schedule it on the day and time you have available that same week.

Personalized live 100% distance classes, 2 Interactive eBooks and 1 Certificate per Course, Without spending time and money on travel, Young and experienced instructors, 50% DISCOUNT on the first class, Repertoire designed to suit you, internal chat, invitation to contests, film forums, game afternoons, digital library and other surprises.

As a parent, you can rest easy and confident knowing that your child will have close support to develop their talents and skills for life. We like to have close communication with each student's tutor and we will also send you a general report with the progress and aspects to improve.

We even have instructors with experience in children and young people who have learning difficulties, hyperactivity traits, lack of discipline and organization or poor academic performance. Through music, our students channel their energy, release their emotions, take advantage of their free time and achieve stability that allows them to develop their full potential.

Because classes are virtual for any country in the world, we have extensive and flexible schedules 7 days a week. Write to us to review the agenda of our instructors.

We are fully committed to providing you with the best training experience to develop your musical skills. For this reason you have the first 14 days after taking your first class to request a refund of your money from 100%. IMPORTANT: To accept the return of your money, it is mandatory that you send a letter via email, explaining the reasons for your request to proceed with the due process.

Once you make your monthly or quarterly payment, we will send you the link to the Academic Enrollment Form so you can complete it online. Then we will send you a link to create and activate a student profile where you will find a welcome video, induction video, explanatory videos to enter your virtual classroom, your internal chat and the library of complementary resources such as ebooks, playlists and downloadable resources .

In addition, you will find buttons with all the integrations to make your experience as seamless as possible.

NOTE: If you cannot access your student profile before the first class, don't worry, because we will send you a link to receive your class directly while we resolve your entry into the Vivace Universe. 

We currently have students of different ages enrolled, ranging from 6-year-old children to 65-year-old adults.

In each course you will learn specific elements according to each level.

In general, you will learn to play beautiful instrumental melodies that range from the simple to the most complex, acquiring the necessary elements to perform any musical genre, accompany other instruments, someone singing and even your own voice.

In addition, you will learn all the musical scales, the different tonalities, all the simple and compound chords, the different rhythms and styles, the most and least frequent harmonic progressions, different mixtures and improvisation techniques to move with your voice or your musical instrument, like fish in the water.

The advantage of online classes is that you can take them from any city in the world as long as you have your instrument (except in the singing course) and a good internet signal. If you want to freeze your registration, you can send us a Letter of Temporary Suspension of Academic Enrollment to freeze it for a maximum period of 2 months

NOTE: If you do not suspend your registration and miss class for more than 1 month, then your registration will automatically be canceled and you will lose the right to a refund.

Of course, we have a staff attentive to answer all your questions and guide you through each phase of the process.

If you have already made the decision to start your classes, cancel your class package through our 3 Secure Payment options. 1) Bancolombia's Wompi Secure Payment Gateway, 2) Banking transaction 3) or the PayPal International Payments Gateway.

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